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School for Life

In the workshop, kitchen and nature

Gain insights into beekeeping, stand at the anvil of a blacksmith, work with local types of wood, feed animals on a farm, work together with gardeners and put your hands in the soil, learn about different types of grain in a mill, weave and felt, make juice from fruit and taste it, or take a look behind the scenes at a sustainable hotel. All this and a lot more is offered by businesses participating in the “School for Life – in the Workshop, Kitchen and Nature” program for schools and other groups.

Getting out of the classroom and into practice

Logo Auszeichnung Schule fürs LebenBeekeepers, blacksmith and carpentry workshops, farms, market gardens, hotels and other businesses offer schoolchildren insights into their respective craft or business.

Children and young people learn about materials, processes and basics and become active themselves. They learn what sustainability means in real life, find out whether they themselves are interested in these occupational fields, and gain inspiration for shaping their own lives.

This “School for Life” program was recognized by the United Nations in 2014 as an official project of the UN Decade of ESD.

Target group and costs

The offer is aimed at all schools in the district. Students of all ages can participate. The program is open to other groups on request. The cost is €4 per student for materials.


Logo Solidargemeinschaft BGLRegistration takes place independently at the respective company. Further information, such as the procedure or registration, can be found on the website of the cooperative.

Teilnehmende Betriebe

At the apiary the children learn everything about bees, wax, queens, bee colonies, honeycombs and honey.

Contact: Simon Angerpointner  | Weidacherfeld 20, 83371 Teisendorf | 08666/7335 | imkereibedarfangerpointner@web.de

At the apiary the children learn everything about bees, wax, queens, bee colonies, honeycombs and honey.

Contact: Sebastian Stangassinger | Schulweg 12, 83471 Berchtesgaden | 08652/3121

“Trial lessons with the blacksmith” – Stand at the anvil and experience the material – how hard is the iron or how soft? Handle the 4 elements, feel the heat!

Contact: Lorenz Willberger | Holzhauserstr. 1 , 83317 Teisendorf | 08666/6303 | willberger@t-online.de

Holzhandwerk in seiner schöpferischen Vielfalt! Heimische Holzarten mit allen Sinnen erfahren, alte und neue Handwerkstechniken kennenlernen.

Contact: Heinrich Aicher | Hötzling 9, 83410 Laufen | 08682/95724 | info@schreineraicher.de | www.schreineraicher.de 

Feeding the farm animals (pigs, cows, chickens), making cheese and bread, and taking a tour of the herb garden.

Contact: Johann Heinz, jun. | Gausburg 47, 83416 Surheim | 08682/1867 | johann.heinz@t-online.de | www.paulbauernhof.de 

Why do we need earthworms? What does the ladybug eat? Are hedgehogs and toads useful? We craft with natural materials and look for treasures in the forest.

Contact: Thea Götzinger | Stötten 26, 83317 Teisendorf | 08666/1241 | Thea5@gmx.de

Making flour requires many steps! Get to know types of grain, hydropower as a source of energy for the mill.

Contact: Mathias Mühlbacher | Bahnhofstr. 32, 83317 Teisendorf | 08666/263 | maiermuehle@googlemail.com 

23 cows, calves, sheep, 2 donkeys, 1 horse, 20 chickens, 3 cats, 1 dog and countless mice…, weaving and felting, from grain to bread, from cow to milk to butter and cheese, forest and nature in the Explore the farm environment.

Contact: Annelies und Georg Huber | Berg 5, 83416 Saaldorf | 08654/3223 | handweberei.huber@googlemail.com

How does the apple get into the bottle? Getting to know trees in the orchard; Process fruit into juice and must and taste it…mmmhhh!

Contact: Georg Greimel | Hauspoint 3, 83410 Laufen | 08682/7152 | greimelsaft@t-online.de 

A look behind the scenes of the 4*superior hotel on the topic of sustainability and regionality. Discover and collect valuable things along the way with the herbal fairy, for kitchen magic and a feeling of well-being.

Contact: Berghotel Rehlegg | Holzengasse 16, 83486 Ramsau | 08657/9884-0 | info@rehlegg.de | www.rehlegg.de 

What happens in a nursery? Raising lettuce, vegetables, bedding and balcony plants, flowers and floral decorations.

Contact: Gärtnerei Kittl | Gartenstraße 35, 83410 Laufen/Leobendorf | 08682/210 | info@gaertnerei-kittl.de | www.gaertnerei-kittl.de

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