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Biosphere Masterwort

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In a joint initiative, the Biosphere Administration Office and the Grassl Gentian Distillery are looking for new ways to harvest masterwort. By involving the local population in the cultivation of masterwort, the aim is to support insect protection and regional value creation. Masterwort is a typical alpine plant that is widely used as a traditional medicinal plant. It reaches a height of one meter, blooms between June and August and releases a spicy odor.

Dr. Peter Loreth und Florian Beierl stellen an einem Stand das Biosphären-Meisterwurz-Projekt vor

Biosphere Masterwort

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In the Berchtesgadener Land, the Grassl gentian distillery has held the sole right to take masterwort plants from the wild and use their aromatic roots to produce schnapps since 1692. With the help of the gardener Barbara Linder from Schönau, it was possible to raise seedlings in pots from masterwort seeds collected in the Berchtesgaden Alps for the first time in 2022. For these seedlings, interested people from the region were sought who would like to plant a masterwort seedling in their garden and, after several years, make its roots available to the gentian distillery.


Masterwort is a typical alpine plant with a distinctive spicy smell. It grows up to one meter tall, blooms between June and August and is often used as a medicinal plant. Even though the masterwort is not an endangered plant, the cooperation project between the Biosphere Administration Office and the Grassl Gentian Distillery will help to preserve natural populations. At the same time, participants contribute to insect protection, because the masterwort is an umbellifer and of great importance for many insects. After more than 100 plants were distributed in 2022, the project will be continued and the network will grow further in 2023.

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