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Conceptual Framework

Signpost for the next ten years

The conceptual framework serves as a guideline for the work in the Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region: It contains guiding principles as well as concrete goals and it describes the most important actions for a sustainable development of the Berchtesgadener Land within the next ten years. All institutions, organizations, companies and individuals in the Berchtesgadener Land are invited to follow the current recommendations and to advance sustainable development within the scope of their possibilities. We can only successfully master the challenge of establishing our district as a model region for sustainable development in the sense of the UNESCO designation if we work together.

The UNESCO Award as an encompassing structure for sustainability issues

Sustainability is a society-wide responsibility and covers all areas of work and life. The conceptual framework for the Biosphere Region therefore contains goals and measures that serve the preservation and development of nature and landscape as well as the natural foundations of life. It also takes into account social and regional economic aspects. Three major fields of action were defined to make the purpose of the Biosphere Region understandable and tangible. These fields summarize the most important dimensions:

  • The field of action “Nature and landscape” focuses on the preservation and development of the cultural landscape, but also includes traditional forms of nature conservation, landscape planning and management.
  • The field of action ” Sustainable Living and Business Practices” describes everyday activities that are important for preserving an intact environment and an intact society, thus ensuring the future viability of the region.
  • The field of action “Raising awareness” deals with generating knowledge, communicating it in a practical way, and informing people about sustainable development. They should not only be enabled to think and act sustainably, but also be enthusiastic to do so.

Many actors in the Berchtesgadener Land are already committed to sustainable development of their region. Of the numerous projects and project ideas, some are listed in the conceptual framework as key projects which are considered to be highly effective for several objectives of the three fields of action. The UNESCO designation offers all actors in the Berchtesgadener Land the opportunity to use it as a seal of quality and a unique selling point.

Fields of Action

Wildbiene an geschlossener Blüte

Nature and Landscape

In a Biosphere Region, characteristic and intact landscapes are to be preserved and developed along with their biological diversity. Therefore, a particular focus is placed on the improvement of habitats to protect their natural functions and native flora and fauna. In the traditional cultural landscape, this is achieved through active design and sustainable forms of use. In the core zone of the Biosphere Region, nature is allowed to unfold its own dynamics and develop natural or near-natural ecosystems.

Sustainable Living and Business Practices

Biosphere refers to a space for living. In relation to humans, we can speak of a space for living, for economy and recreation. It is important to keep this space fit for the future and worth living in for future generations by harmonizing economic, ecological and social concerns and by ensuring economic development, an intact environment as well as harmonious coexistence.
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Zwei Hände halten einen Fußball, der als Weltkugel bemalt wurde

Raising Awareness

In a biosphere reserve, people should be enabled and supported to act sustainably. Crucial for this is a matching awareness, which is created through knowledge and knowledge exchange, making sustainable topics visible and communicating them, experiencing them in a practical way or jointly developing solutions. The excitement and motivation to act sustainably support the actors to become active together and to develop the Biosphere Region in a sustainable way.
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