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Biosphere Products

Regional and sustainable

Biosphere products are regionally and sustainably produced products, from extensive, small-scale or organic agriculture, as well as products processed and refined by traditional food craftsmen and the meals prepared from them in the hospitality industry. They can be recognized by the Biosphere Product Label, which identifies a particularly regional and sustainable selection of food products that stands for value creation in the region, appreciation for the region and its nature, and sustainable consumption.

Biosphere Products

Regional, sustainable and delicious

Regional and sustainable

certified biosphere products

Products from the Berchtesgadener Land bearing the biosphere product label offer added value in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and nature conservation, tradition and culture. This is guaranteed by the biosphere product guidelines, which provide a clear definition of the terms “regional” and “sustainable”.

For companies in the Biosphere Region that produce or offer biosphere products, this added value is a clear distinguishing feature. In the unclear market segment of products advertised as regional and sustainable, the biosphere product label can emphasize the existing offer as particularly regional and sustainable. Consumers benefit from this: When shopping, the “Biosphere-Product Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region” seal of origin and quality offers reliable guidance for sustainable consumption and a purchasing decision that strengthens the Berchtesgadener Land.

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Promotion and networking

The promotion of extensive, small-scale and ecological agriculture, traditional local food crafts and their networking with the hospitality industry and local retailers are the focus of the biosphere product award. The administrative office of the Biosphere Region provides impulses and support as well as mediation and coordination: from the initiation of producer circles in agriculture, to the mediation of sales opportunities in the food trade, to the development of a culinary offer of regional and sustainable quality in the hospitality industry. This is the only way to establish and sustainably strengthen closed value chains.

Controlled and awarded

Products that are certified as biosphere products receive the Biosphere Product Label: Seal of origin and quality, which stands for regionality and sustainability. It guarantees origin in the biosphere region Berchtesgadener Land or the neighboring counties and guarantees sustainable, artisanal and traditional food production. Fundamental are the transparent and comprehensible biosphere product guidelines, which were developed by the Biosphere Region Administration Office. Compliance with the guidelines is checked by independent, external inspectors.


Have products certified

make your product a biosphere product

Companies that produce biosphere products operate with respect for people and nature. They create awareness for their way of production and help to preserve the Berchtesgadener Land as a region for sustainable living, business and recreation and to establish it as a model region for sustainable development. With every certified biosphere product, this goal moves a little closer.

Become part of this development and present your company as a regional and sustainable enterprise. Impress your customers with the special quality of your products and use the seal of origin and quality of the Biosphere Region Berchtesgadener Land. In just a few steps, you can have one or more of your products certified as “Biosphere Product Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region”.

How to certify a biosphere product

Biosphere Breakfast

The Biosphere Breakfast represents real regionality on your plate. This is achieved through the cooperation of businesses in the hospitality industry, traditional food crafts and agriculture. Local restaurant owners, hoteliers and guesthouse operators thus strengthen sustainable and regional value chains supported by the Biosphere Administration Office. They take responsibility for preserving and further developing this unique region.
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Biosphere Products

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