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Biosphere Producer Circles

Together for more added value

In order for regionally produced raw materials to become an attractive alternative for domestic companies, security in the sourcing of raw materials and sufficient quantities are essential. For this reason, the Biosphere Administration Office connects farms with each other and with the food trade, gastronomy, hospitality industry and food retailers in the region. A close exchange, an understanding of different processes and the courage to try new and innovative ways are the basis for producer circles and the establishment of short value chains.
Traktor pflügt vor Bergkulisse einen Acker

Producer circle for organic malting barley

The producer circle for organic malting barley – in cooperation with the Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger in Teisendorf – exists since August 2019. After starting with 7 farmers and the cultivation of organic barley on 23 hectares, the producer circle has grown to 17 organic farms and almost 50 hectares in 2022. The Surmühle mill in Oberteisendorf, which cleans and stores the organic barley, plays an important role in this domestic value chain. A reliable partner for the production of organic barley malt has been found in the organic malting plant in Riedenburg.

Producer circle for Laufen wheat

Since fall 2022, there has been a producer circle for Laufen wheat from the region. Local bakeries use it to bake Berchtesgadener Land bread, a certified biosphere product, using their own recipes.
Reife Ähren des Laufener Landweizen
Peter Forster im Berchtesgadener Vogel-Feld

Producer circle for Berchtesgadener Vogel

In 2018, the Berchtesgadener Vogel, an old variety of winter wheat, was brought back to the Biosphere grain garden using only three kilograms of seeds. After two years of re-propagation, it was sown on two organic farms. So, since the fall of 2020, there has been a small group of producers who grow the Berchtesgadener Vogel for the “BioAlpenKorn”, a Biosphere product of the Grassl Gentian Distillery.

Biosphere Products

Sustainability that tastes good

Biosphere Products are independently certified and stand for sustainability and regionality. Biosphere Products are also created from the raw materials of the producer circles, for example Biosphere Beer, Biosphere Bread and Biosphere Corn Schnapps.

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Sustainable regional development, agriculture and public relations

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