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National Natural Landscapes

Fascination - Joy - Confidence

We invite all people to join us in preserving the fascinating nature, to experience joy in nature and to confidently shape the future in a sustainable and climate-neutral way.

From the North Sea to the Alps

National Natural Landscapes in Germany

The 18 German biosphere reserves all represent characteristic types of landscape, from the Wadden Sea in the north to the peaks of the Berchtesgaden Alps in the south, from the Palatinate Forest in the west to the pond landscapes of Lusatia in the east. Together with 16 national and 104 nature parks, biosphere reserves are among the most attractive landscapes and most popular recreational and travel destinations in Germany. The umbrella organization Nationale Naturlandschaften e. V. represents the joint interests of all biosphere reserves, national parks, nature parks and 3 wilderness areas. In total, there are 141 National Natural Landscapes in Germany.

National Natural Landscapes

An overview

On a third of Germany’s land area, the National Natural Landscapes and their umbrella organization are committed to nature conservation, climate protection and a sustainable life.

"Crazy about Tomorrow"

German-wide biosphere campaign

Stand der Biosphärenregion zur Imagekampagne mit Blick über das Bergsteigerdorf Ramsau

The German Biospheres are crazy about tomorrow:

With innovative ideas, the 18 German UNESCO biosphere reserves want to contribute to a sustainable and climate-friendly coexistence of man and nature. They are exploring the life of tomorrow so that a shared future on this planet can succeed. A joint campaign aims to promote the relevance of German biosphere reserves and their mission: To stand up for a sustainable future on our planet.

Morning walk as a kick-off event

In the Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region, the kick-off event for the “Crazy about Tomorrow” initiative led from the Abtsdorfer lake up to the Thannberg mountain as part of a morning walk. Through a number of examples, the administrative office of the Biosphere Region, along with district administrator Bernhard Kern and the mayor of Laufen, Hans Feil, showed how diverse and committed the future viability of the region is jointly taken in hand.
Teilnehmer beim Morgenspaziergang durch die Natur als Auftaktveranstaltung der Imagekampagne
Dr. Peter Loreth bei einer Veranstaltung zur Imagekampagne als Bühnengast

Contest - Crazy ideas for tomorrow

As part of a contest, participants were invited to submit exciting ideas for a sustainable tomorrow. Three prizes of 1,000 euros were awarded for the implementation or continuation of the submitted project, as well as sponsorship of a selected biosphere reserve. The jury included the well-known television presenter Willi Weitzel. One of the selected projects was submitted by a P-seminar at the Rottmayr Gymnasium in Laufen, and featured the title “On the bees’ trail”.

Biospheres make Bundestag "Crazy about Tomorrow".

As a highlight of the campaign, German biospheres and their agendas were presented to the members of the German Bundestag at an event in the Paul-Löbe-Haus in Berlin. This event focused on the role of biosphere reserves as model regions for sustainable development and showed numerous examples of how biosphere can be implemented regionally and how the designation by UNESCO can be filled with life. The administrative office of the Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region also took the opportunity to present the region with its numerous sustainable initiatives and projects.
Stand der Biosphärenregion BGL bei der Präsentation der Imagekampagne in Berlin
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