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Berchtesgadener Land Bread

A Biosphere Product, sustainable and regional

The Berchtesgadener Land Bread is a real piece of artisan baking culture and a hearty, delicious example of responsible value creation from the Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region. The basis for this bread is an old type of grain, for example Laufener Landweizen (wheat) or Steiner’s Red Tyrolean spelt. But it’s not just the ancient grain that makes it so special, it’s also the short regional value chain that leads from local agriculture via regional mills with the support of BÄKO to the participating bakeries. The Berchtesgadener Land Bread is baked there individually and according to our own recipe.

Like all Biosphere Products, it is characterized not only by cooperation on an equal footing between all those involved and fair pricing. Through responsible, sustainable and ecological agriculture, Berchtesgadener Land Bread also brings biodiversity to the fields and supports traditional food crafts. There is a great ecological, genetic and cultural treasure hidden in the old types of grain: The Biosphere Grain Garden in the municipality of Saaldorf-Surheim makes it possible to bring old, forgotten types of grain back to the Berchtesgadener Land and to produce them Preserve.

The Laufener Landweizen for the Berchtesgadener Land Bread comes from the farmers Matthias Kreuzeder, Dr. Johann Lecker, Josef Probst and Christian Spitz, who have joined forces to form a producer group on the initiative of the Biosphere Administration Office. Laufener Landweizen is ground by the Gfaller-Mehl mill in Traunstein and delivered to the bakeries via BÄKO. The Steiners Red Tyrolean spelt comes from organic farmer Konrad Hogger and was ground in the Surmühle in Oberteisendorf, where the bakery sources the flour directly from the farmer.

Berchtesgadener Land Bread made from Laufener Landweizen can be purchased from the following bakeries:


Berchtesgadener Land Bread made from Steiner’s Red Tyrolean spelt can be purchased from the following bakery:

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