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Biosphere Hubs

Information centers

Biosphere hubs are information points in various forms – from digital adventure trails to exhibitions in tourist information centers to museums. The unique features of the communities in the Berchtesgadener Land are explained in connection with a wide variety of sustainability topics. The information points highlight the singularity of the Berchtesgadener Land, refer to each other and provide tips on regional products, services, local businesses and themed trails.
Ausstellungsbereich der Biosphären-Drehscheibe im Haus der Berge

National Park Center "Haus der Berge" (House of the Mountains)

The ” Haus der Berge” sees itself as the “gateway” to the national park. Here you will learn everything about the nature reserve of the highest category. In the main exhibition “Vertical Wilderness” you will get to know the most important habitats – from the bottom of a mountain lake to the summit region – as well as their inhabitants. In addition, six exciting short films let you experience the special features of the Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere Region, which illustrate the model character of the district. Changing exhibitions, a cinema with nature films and a visitor library complete the offer. Take a look! Location: National Park Center in Berchtesgaden

Digital adventure trail on " Legends of mountaineering and the experience of nature"

Join former Ramsau mountain guide Johann Grill and mountaineer Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann on their excursion to the mountain “Toter Mann” (Dead Man). In nine stations, the two mountaineering legends will tell you amazing, interesting and impressive stories about the Berchtesgaden mountains, mountaineering legends and nature experiences. Location: High plateau of the Dead Man, Ramsau
Gruppenbild bei der Eröffnung der Biosphären-Drehscheibe Ramsau
Ausstellungsraum der Biosphären-Drehscheibe in Schneizelreuth

Exhibition on "Home with all senses”

An exhibition on nine diverse topics can be found in the Tourist-Info. There are explanations and information about the following: Community Schneizlreuth – We are biosphere; taste of the region; legends have something to tell; game and medicinal herbs; wood, brine and salt; the green lungs of our country; drifting wood; alpine plants and flowers; hardwoods and conifers; the splendor of traditional costume and Schneizlreuth alpine paradise. Place: Tourist-Info of the municipality Schneizlreuth in Weißbach at the Alpenstraße
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